We cannot deny the fact that today’s way of living is becoming dangerous as time goes by. That is why most of the people are afraid to walk alone every night or even in daytime. Worry no more for there are self defense gadgets that is surely fit your budget. You must defend yourself in times of trouble, but how can you defeat your opponent if you are smaller than them? These gadgets will help you defend yourself.

Number one on the list is the Cell Phone Stun Gun:

Let’s say you are walking alone from your home and suddenly a big guy approaches you and pointed a knife in your hips. Lucky as he is, your “phone” is actually loaded with a 950,000 volt pacifier. Before that bad big guy can do his move, he will surely surprise that his body is already in numb after hitting with this gadget. To ensure that you do not accidentally shock yourself, the device need to be on and you have to push the button. As long as this gadget is in your hand, never be afraid of bad guy because it is just a one click away.

Next on the list is the Bulletproof Briefcase:

Just like in boxing, the referees always tell the fighters that “no matter what happens, protect yourself at all times”. This Bulletproof Briefcase is really a good idea especially for the people working in the field that always bring their briefcase with them. This gadget is specially design with bulletproof plates on it, although this gadget only gives you enough space to either protect your head or you can crouch to protect your whole body.

Another self defense gadget is the Electrified “No-Contact” Jacket:

Yes! You got it right, an electrified “no-contact” Jacket. It is a fashionable jacket that will surely electrify anybody that touches you for this jacket has 80,000 volts in it. You do not need to worry because this gadget is specially design by the engineer so that it will not shock you if your own hand or your face touches the electrified sleeve during the struggle.

Another self defense gadget is a lipstick, a lipstick knife!

With this gadget, I’m sure women will sure get one of this. This is also a great idea when it comes to self defense gadgets, because this is handy and you can carry it anywhere to defend yourself against the bad guys.

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