Is Amazon Appstore a Good Alternate for Downloading Android Apps

The number of Android applications hosted by Amazon AppStore now goes beyond 4000. There is an Android phone simulator to test the functionality of the Android application that you want to buy. The Android application can be downloaded through the web browser of the computer or through the Amazon AppStore. Some of the prominent reasons for the Amazon plunging into the sale of Android Applications are as follows.

Mouth watering incentives

The Amazon AppStore is organized so systematically and methodically that whoever visits it for the first time feels comfortable at navigating and buying the Android Applications. The incentives offered by the Amazon AppStore are very attractive.

A paid application is being offered free for a day by the Amazon AppStore. A prospective buyer of the application are offered a trial period of 30 minutes on certain applications. These applications can be run for only 30 minutes on the virtual phone browser. This helps the buyer to decide whether the application is going to be of any use to him/her and saves him/her from spending on applications that are of no use to him/her.


It is known that the Android Market of Google is resistant to viruses. This impression was shattered when the code of 21 famous free android applications were found to be infected with a virus. After incorporating the virus those applications were republished to be sold in the market. The hacked versions or the infected versions of the applications had a code that used to steal the data of the user.

This viral code was also able to download excess code after installation of the hacked application. The devices were being hijacked through this hacked application. The Google was quick at response and launched an antidote “kill switch” to get rid of the hacked application form the Android phones affected by the virus. Google has now come out with a security tool for the Android phone users to get rid of infected applications.

Centralized Distribution

The official market of Android is the single central location for buying and downloading the Android Applications. The Android community puts in meticulous efforts to regulate, and moderate the applications so that they are free of viruses. When the user tries to find and download applications from unauthorized sources, the chances of downloading infected applications increase drastically.

This implies that the applications should be downloaded from legitimate and reliable sources. The Amazon AppStore by offering Android applications for sale is one way contributing to the popularity of the Android phones and on the other hand offering an alternate source to buy and download the Android Applications.

Finally it depends on the Android phone user whether to source the application from Android Market or Amazon AppStore.

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