Video animation has grown out to be one of the significant parts of the world as the demand for animated videos is high in every field that has been operating in today’s time. Some of the most prominent areas where video animation industry has been playing a major role are discussed below.

  1. Business Presentations

Many large industries they hire the best video animation companies to create the video explainers or the motion graphics videos in the best possible quality so that they can use in their professional presentations. As visualization is a powerful tool to demonstrate the concepts and delivering the messages to the audience, it is used by companies to get the audience engaged and attentive by providing clear concepts to them. Also, students also these days bring in the use of the animations in their presentations to please their evaluators and good secure marks.

  1. Seminars

Many schools, colleges, and multiple professionals take the help of the video animations to demonstrate the concepts or the knowledge to the students and the rest of the audience during a seminar or lecture. The types of animations that are commonly used for these purposes mostly involves explainer videos, or maybe whiteboard animation videos, depending on the topic and the category of the people or audience they are engaging. With the help of the animation, it gets easier for the people to get a clear understanding of the topic.

  1. Websites

Many people and even big and reputable industries are following this trend these days to include the video animation on their homepage or any of the other web pages to get better traffic and enhance their SEO. Many companies of animation video production in Dubai are working on providing various kinds of animation services that are compatible enough to be placed on the website. One of the latest and unique trends that many websites are following is to include the 360 degrees motion graphics or still picture animation on the website to make it look stunning and for the audience to find it attractive. Since Google loves the videos, it gets very unproblematic for the owners of the website to improve its SEO and gather more traffic.

  1. Advertisements

Video animations are also used in the advertisements of many brands. Mostly they are using in the ads whose target audiences are kids, but it is also meant for people of different ages. Since animated videos are highly engaging and attract people of every age, the use of animated videos in the advertisements has become extremely common. Another best example can also be taken from the Red Bull energy drink advertisement that utilized the whiteboard video animations to market the product. Similarly, there are so many other types of animations that are used by many other brands to design their advertising and promotional campaigns.

  1. Movies

The foremost and extremely common use of video animations is in the film industries. Hollywood has been working on animated motion pictures and movies for ages since Disney had laid the fine standards for providing entertainment through animated movies. First, the journey was started from the 2D animations, and now it has landed on the platform where they blend the 2D and 3D features to give a unique look to the videos. Also, it might sound unique and fascinating to many people that technology has reached so far that they have also introduced the 2.5D animations as well, which are famous as the blended version of 2D and 3D video animations.

  1. Mobile Applications

Another mega use of the video animations that have become a significant part of this century is in the mobile app development industry, which has picked up publicity after the smartphones were introduced to the world. Almost every application these days are comprised of the video animations to enhance user experiences. The animation video production in Dubai is striving to ensure that animations become the core part of the mobile applications these days to augment the user experiences with smartphones.

  1. Video Games

Since the gaming industry has stepped out of the analog visuals, animation has been the only sidekick for them. In today’s time, it would be nearly impossible to see any video game that does not have an animated visualization. Even the hype has reached to such an extent that virtual reality has also been combined with the animation to give a unique and exciting experience for the gamers to enjoy the graphics and animations in the virtual world.

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