New feature introductions are rolling out for Google My Business on a regular basis now. Look no further than a change that came out just last week that allows users who follow a Google My Business listing to receive exclusive offers. The tips suggested in this article will not take much additional time to implement and will pay huge dividends in terms of traffic to your customers’ Google My Business listings. It is also important to understand that Google My Business is introducing all these new features so they can essentially replace your customers’ websites with their own platform. Think about it: Google does not want searchers to leave their ecosystem, and their plan to ensure that customers stay is to recreate many key website features on Google My Business. We will review that cool new “welcome offer” feature mentioned above and two other new features you need to add to your SEO plans today. 

New GMB Strategy #1: Welcome Offer

This feature is hot off the presses. Google launched this feature in July of 2019. This is a great feature to improve impressions, but primarily it should increase your conversion rate. It is easy to create a welcome offer that will entice visitors to take the action your customer desires, such as using a coupon, taking advantage of a special, etc. All you need to do to create a welcome offer is to follow the steps below

  1. Have your client log in to their Google My Business app on their phone. If our customer has not already downloaded it, have them do that right away.
  2. Tell them to navigate to the profile section of the app at the bottom of the screen and tap on their profile. Then tap “Create”
  3. Enter welcome offer information
    1. Your customers will need to enter the following information to create a welcome offer
      1. The welcome offer title
      2. A brief description
      3. A coupon code, if a coupon is desired
      4. Terms and conditions if necessary
      5. A website link if needed
  1. Tap preview
    1. To make corrections, tap the back arrow and make the necessary changes
    2. If the offer looks good, tap publish

New GMB Strategy #2: Google Services 

This is a great way for you to look like a hero to your SEO clients as Google Services allows you to enter information about each and every service or product your client offers. As you know, the only options previously were to select from three general categories, which weren’t always the best fit for your clients. Google Services gives you the option to manually enter each and every service your client offers. This is huge. Follow the steps below to get this implemented right away.

  1. Log in to your client’s GMB account
  2. Click on the info tab on the left-hand nav and then click on the services option
  3. Begin entering services one at a time. Be sure to enter every service listed on your client’s website. While this may be time-consuming, it’s a one-time event, so it is worth spending as much time as needed to get this 100% right.

New GMB Strategy # 3: Google Posts

This strategy will be relatively easy for your firm to implement if you are already blogging for your client. Google Posts is a feature that allows you to post blogs on your client’s Google My Business listing rather than their website. This feature is as straightforward as it sounds. The only wrinkle when writing blogs for Google My Business is that you should add local information to each blog post. Examples include mentioning local landmarks, local events such as festivals, and even other businesses, although we would recommend that you do not mention direct competitors.

Once your client agrees to divert some of their posts to Google My Business, follow the steps below to get rolling.

  1. Sign in to Google My Business listing
  2. Select “Posts”
  3. Choose “Write your post”

Closing Tips

Many SEO agencies simply do not have the time and resources to add deliverables to their current product offering. One simple solution is to remove older strategies as you’re adding new strategies such as the ones outlined above. A second idea is to utilize a white label SEO program to pick up the slack. When hiring a white label SEO service, interview carefully to make sure they offer not only the services above, but offer other services such as link building, on-site SEO, and content marketing. We wish you the best in implementing these tips. Be on the lookout for future Google My Business updates.

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