Insight Into Android And The Best TMobile Androids

Android is a cell phone operating system (OS) purchased by Google in 2005. The OS is open source, meaning the code is available for third parties to use and work on. This has the advantage of allowing the platform to be very secure as there are so many different developers viewing and re-viewing the code so that any possible errors are quickly removed.

In addition, there is less corporate ‘big brother’ control over the platform, with a strong emphasis on creativity. Hence, there has been strong surge in the Android app market with a host of amazing apps recently launched. The Android OS has over taken BlackBerry’s RIM OS and Apple’s iOS to become the number one OS in the US. There are still more iOS apps, however, this is changing. Both Apple and Android apps stores have long since reached their critical mass with basically an app for anything, hence, the fact that iOS currently has more apps is not that relevant.

TMobile currently has an impressive selection of Android devices available to you (thirteen), and with the expected merge with At&t even more expected. TMobile’s rate plans are the most competitive amongst the major providers with their unlimited talk; text and data plan at $80 per month. This is significantly less than Verizon as $120 and Sprint at $110. The only similar option that is cheaper is PC Mobile. However, PC Mobile’s range of Androids is very limited and they piggy-back off the other provider networks resulting in slow connectivity rates.

Essentially PC Mobile is only a good if you are looking for a BlackBerry curve. TMobile’s connectivity speeds are top rate with their 4G network covering almost all the major metropolitan areas and giving you an average download speed of 2.3 Mbps. This is quicker than any of the other networks. To take advantage of the 4G network you need to be using either the TMobile myTouch or the TMobile G2.

The myTouch takes first place as TMobile’s premier Android phone due to the 4G connectivity and impressive design. The big advantages of the myTouch are:

  • The physical design gives the phone a high class look, largely due to the metal back and ceramic plastic bezel.
  • WiFi calling option of the phone is a first for Android. However, it is not quiet as reliable as the BlackBerry 8520 and 9700.
  • 4G high speed connectivity
  • Hotspot option enabling you to connect your laptop to the internet anywhere there’s a phone connection. This will cost you an additional $10 per month.
  • 1 GHz SnapDragon processor is quick and competes with the Samsung Hummingbird to make it the fastest mobile processor brand in the US.
  • Strong multimedia functionality with 1GB built in storage and an additional 8GB microSD card slot available.

The G2 is also an excellent choice from TMobile. This phone is excellent if you prefer the ‘vanilla’ Android interface, and enjoy using a physical keyboard. The slide out QWERTY keyboard works well and has reasonable tactile response. However, the Samsung Epic 4G from Sprint has the most popular Android keyboard. The ‘vanilla’ interface is popular because of its layout and technical design. The ‘pure Android’ interface does not have other manufacture overlays, hence, is quicker to get updates to the latest Android operating systems.

If size is an issue and you prefer a light and thin design of the Samsung Vibrant. This phone does not have 4G connectivity, but has strong general features. Hence, is a good option if you enjoy a light slender phone.

There are a number of other Android phones available from TMobile, which you might enjoy. However, the myTouch, G2 and Samsung Vibrant are the top TMobile phones for their specific features. Namely the G2 has a good physical keyboard, ‘pure Android’ interface and 4G web-browsing. The myTouch 4G boasts impressive browsing speeds and is well designed, while the Vibrant is a good alternative if size is a concern to you.

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