There are so many play stores out there to get you applications of your choice. Perhaps, you know about Google play store for sure, right? It is the default play store in android devices. Here, what you have to know is that there is a world of many hundred more applications beyond Google play store.

Once you download 9apps Apk you can get access to 9apps play store. It a third party play store and ensure that you have an access to endless applications. Of course, you must be thinking why not you simply look for other third party play stores too right? Well, there are other plays stores too but they are not really effective and fulfilling. Once you check out 9apps, you surely will love this play store. Have a look at some of the features of this store and then you can download this store in your life.

Free play store with free applications

The foremost thing to know about 9apps is that this is a free play store. You can easily download it from the official website of 9apps. Moreover, all the applications that are there on this play store are free of cost. You can get them and run and enjoy without any pennies. In other words the applications that are pricy and have premium subscriptions are no longer pricy in the realm of 9apps.  You can find all the pricy and exclusive applications free of cost in the realm of 9apps. After all, it is about what you want and how you get it.

Absolutely Safe platform

People have trust issues with everything. If you think that just because 9apps is a third party play store it is going to be an unsafe play store then you are wrong. This platform is absolutely safe. To be more exact all the applications that get uploaded and fed in this play store go through proper security scanning. It means they get checked so that they do not have any sort of virus in them. In this way you get the best applications without any trouble of errors or flaws too. The applications are absolutely safe and would not harm your device in any way.

Easy to use and light in weight

These are two important things that the users look for. Of course, if the platform is not easy to use then nobody would like to use it. What is the point if the platform irritates and gets hung every now and then?  Well, 9apps is smooth and sunny platform. It would not trouble you in any way. Even the beginners can ace at the task of using and installing apps from this play store. Moreover, the lightness of this play store has its quality. The play store is not even 10mb in its size. In this way it runs smoothly and does not take up much space in your device.  You would not have to worry about the shortage of space.


Thus, you should go ahead and download this play store today for the best time and experience.

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