For majority of the people an event can be more memorable if it is seen rather than heard or read. That is why those who want to memorise something prefer to watch the same on videos. In the case of learning new crafts or skills it is necessary for one to find an effective video from the internet and view it. However, if one likes the same and wants to save it on device, it is not made possible as the concerned platforms where these videos are available do not allow it. In such a case one needs to go for the vidmate app which is a powerpack app to fetch video from any platform.

What is vidmate app?

The market has ample options when it comes to pull the videos from various platforms. However, in maximum cases people cannot go for it as the app fails to pull the video. This is not the case with vidmate app as it is designed in a way that can easily track the video on the concerned platform and pull it to the device. Hence one who wants to see the video as per own time and convenience it is good to use this app and store the video on the device. Once the video is there on the device one can use it the way he wants. One can view it or share on site as well as social media. In some cases people also use the same video with changed sequence or editing and use it commercially.

How does vidmate work?

The style of work of this app is very straightforward. One needs to download it from its parent site 9apps. To download this app one needs to visit the site of 9apps and search the app. Here below the icon of the app there is a link provided with the help of which the app can be downloaded. One needs to remember that this app is not there on the Playstore and hence the only option to download it is from 9apps. The dashboard and style of the app is very simple. After downloading, it easily gets installed on its own and hence one needs to do nothing. After installation it is ready to be used.

The user needs to have the URL of the concerned link which he needs to paste on the given space in the app. After pasting the URL the button of download will blink that needs to be pressed. As soon as the command of download given, it starts pulling the video from the concerned platform. The platform may be any, this app is effective enough to pull the video. One can see the video on his device in a few minutes. It also has settings option with the help of which one can save the video as per the desired quality. It is not at all a bulky app that can occupy a huge space on the device. Hence it is the best option for the video lovers.

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