Do you like to binge on new movies and TV series, from the comfort of your home? If yes, then you will probably love mytv. There are quite a lot of streaming services available but if you want to enjoy something that makes streaming better than Amazon video is the right place. Every month, Amazon adds fresh and interesting content for the viewers to binge the latest movies and TV series. There is so much new stuff every month that it becomes difficult at times to decide what to watch. But to view this interesting content, users are supposed to do the following.

How to start with viewing content with Amazon?

  • First, one needs to go to the amazon My TV page and then login with the amazon prime account.
  • After signing in the users are supposed to enter the 5 to 6 digit code for registration which can be found on the Amazon video app.
  • Once the code has been found, it has to be entered into the field that is provided on the Amazon My TV page.

Basically, this service is only for the Prime account holders, who have an eligible Prime membership; this gives one access to a number of Prime videos without any additional cost. Along with this it also gives a chance to the users to buy videos or rent them if they are not there are not included with the Prime video account.

What all is included in Amazon video content?

With the Prime account, one gets a huge library of films and TV shows on Amazon Mytv. It has a huge collection that covers different genres and categories from Action movies to Romantic comedies in various different languages. Along with all this, it also shares some Amazon original shows and movies. Moreover with Prime, one can download videos for offline viewing on selected content.

What all is there in Amazon Original content?

It consists of some award-winning movies and programs for the Prime Members, which are classics in their own way. Moreover, it also consists of original movies that are made by the Amazon studios and consists of some exclusive movies that are launched on Prime Just after they are released in the theatres.

Amazon has some exceptionally great content which can be viewed at quite a minimum fee, you can download the app on your laptop or mobile device and start streaming and binge-watching them.

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