Sometimes there is a leakage in pipes inside the walls but it cannot be identified with the naked eye. You may feel the water pressure is low or there is an increase in water utility bill without any additional usage. There must be something wrong happening behind the walls. Or there may be signs of stains, discolouration or paint peeled off due to water damage. 

Different pipelines are spread through walls, floors and ceilings, taking clean water in and waste material out of the house. Sometimes it is easy to find the source of water leakage but other times it is hard to detect where the water is comings from. 

New technology for checking water damage has made it possible to detect the place of water present inside the wall or crawl spaces with the help of various sophisticated inventions. 

Water sensor system

A water sensor system is used to detect the presence of moisture, by measuring the electrical conductivity of the water presence, giving a signal. This sensor meter is placed directly against the wall and it will analyze the water present inside the wall. If leakage is hard to detect, place the sensor meter at different spots and where it will give the highest moisture reading, the leak is closest to it.

Infrared camera

The infrared camera is used to detect heat and water changes the temperature of a damp place. A wet wall is cooler than the surrounding wall and putting an infrared camera will detect moisture by changing the colours. This is a highly valuable service and an expensive tool to check through all rooms of your home to check for moisture presence that no one can see. 

Water detectors alarm

This is a small battery-operated device which activates within the presence of water. This system gives alarms via wireless signals to a panel and sends messages to the homeowners on their mobile phones. This smart device is connected to your mobile phone or other contacts. 

Water leak and freeze detector

Another detector which is connected through the Wi-Fi network and mobile phones, informs you if water leaks, freezes or excess humidity in your home. It will give an alarm and notify via e-mail to you. But it still cannot shut off the water supply system to prevent water loss at the place. 

Leak defence system

This is a very sophisticated water flow detector and alarm system. It is perfectly designed to detect leakage in water pipes, fixtures and appliances and in case of leakage, shut off the main valve automatically. This is a customized device and can be controlled with a free mobile app or a wireless control panel. This device can easily use with any water situation.

Flo technologies

This device helps in monitoring the water temperature, flow and pressure, giving you an alarm if feels any irregularities. It has a control system which tells you how much water is used in the house and in which part. 

All these devices are not cheap but they can give you awareness of any leakage or plumbing malfunction, hence preventing water flooding and damaging at your property. This not only saves a lot of money but time and tension too by repairing the leakage before converting into a bursting pipe.

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