TTSPY is the most effective phone monitoring tool. They introduced this modern technology to keep your kids very much safe. Through this technique, you can keep your eyes on your kids and in this way your kids remain under the supervision of an invisible guard. It plays a major role directly and indirectly. This is the best method to stay with your kids unintentionally. This is a very best and most effective implementation of data safety of a large company or group. Anyone can order this app in a very easy manner. Indian developers introduced a lot of its unique features.

Why we need this app?

If sometimes you are using soothing new and unique, and it is very easy to use then it is sure that you will take a deep interest in that thing. Plus the other side of the coin is that in today’s era everyone want to hide their personal and professional information from the public. So it’s very way to remain unnoticed from the public. TTSPY is the best app that can be used for your home and business purposes. In the other way, you can say it as a phone monitoring software.  As I discussed earlier that everyone wants to keep their information hidden so it can also be used for the data security of any company.

TTSPY App Features

Whenever something new is being discovered, it has unique and mind-blowing features. You will see it when you will order this app. When you are going to use it you will see it has the most useful features that are for some devices it can be Android, iOS. There is a connection between your device and the target device. When you install it in your target device or in your kids’ tablet or mobile phone you can check that what’s happening in that device. The other and most useful feature is that is very easy to navigate with the dashboard. You can easily check from the dashboard that what’s your kids doing or watching on the mobile phone. When you check these things it seems like that it happens in real-time.

This device does not follow only YouTube or any video games app but also gives you a notification about many things like viewing images, messages information or call details. The TTSPY has another useful feature that is GPS tracking. GPS stands for global positioning system that will track the surrounding area of your target device. It seems like this app is rich with efficient features. It can also monitor the social media app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype as well. You can also listen to voice calls which are recorded by default in the mobiles. By this app, you can also send SMS from the target device. If someone wants to flatter on you or your information, you can also check about those unknown numbers and can easily take their information.

Features List

Some of the very useful features are given here:

  1. GPS location tracking
  2. Phone calls and surrounding recording
  3. Email and social networks checking
  4. Messages reading
  5. Photo and screenshots tacking
  6. Browser history checking
  7. Gallery photos viewing
  8. Viewing installed applications
  9. Watching contacts and phone calls
  10. Information about multimedia files
  11. Round-the-clock instant alert

Voice calls

  1. Record calls and listens later!
  2. Call history


  1. View, send or receive messages through the target device
  2. iMessages
  3. Pin messages


  1. View all media taken via the device’s camera
  2. Any media received via MMS
  3. Full access to all photo albums saved on the device

Internet activities:

  1. View browser history
  2. View all bookmarks
  3. Limit access to certain sites via parental control

Remote access:

  1. View a list of installed apps
  2. Send a list of convenient commands to the device automatically via dashboard
  3. Ex: delete the TTSPY
  4. Pause/resume monitoring
  5. Record audio of the device’s surroundings or even listen live


  1. Alerts on SIM change
  2. Prohibited location entry alert

How does TTSPY Work?

Everyone wants to keep their children in a safe and sound environment. So behind installing this app, there may be a lot of reasons for using this app.

So according to this application, it doesn’t matter why you install it or why you are using this app, you will stay unknown and the target person will remain unaware of you. Well, the question was how it does work?  As the installation process needs the target device in the developers’ office because if your kids using that mobile then you cannot install this app.  At home, the process of installing this app cannot be done easily and completely.  The TTSPY is completely undetectable.

As this application is monitoring your whole device so it’s not an easy process as it seems. Because there may be some important safety issue related to your personal and professional matters. When the installation process completes, this application gives you the whole data and information related to the target phone. In other words, this spy starts working. In this way, you can keep an intention guard with your kids. This is a very better way to stay unnoticed. By staying unnoticed and unfocused you can check about any person you want. Behind these useful features, there is an easy to use and convenient TTSPY remote control panel.

Compatibility Information


The TTSPY app is completely compatible with the iPhone. Here are some important iOS versions listed below:

  1. iOS 7.0
  2. iOS 8.0
  3. iOS 9.0
  4. iOS 10.0
  5. iOS 11.0
  6. iOS 12.x

Supported models:

There are some models of iPhone as well as of iPad.


  1. iPhone 7
  2. iPhone 8
  3. iPhone 8 plus
  4. iPhone X


Android users have no need to worry too much about this rooting and non-rooting process.  It is mentioned on the TTSPY’s website, that there are no limitation or any difficulties for non-rooted devices. They can install easily without rooting their device. They also mentioned that they will prefer the rooted device. On the other hand, the TTSPY is available in all versions of android. From OS 1.5 all the way to 9.x. These versions are compatible with the device manufacturers.


If the end-user knows that their device is being monitored, then this app cannot be used, it doesn’t matter how much the feature of this product is useful and efficient. This will work in an effective way if it’s hidden. It is the main formula to monitor any device.

The kids of today’s era are more energetic and mastermind. They can easily find out where this app placed on the phone. That’s why it is the best way that in the absence of your kids you take this device off to the office and install this application by any specialists.

If sometimes you feel that it become risky or the target person near to find this device then there is an option to delete this app without knowing them. The best thing is that even if you delete this app it will not create any type of warning messages or any notification.


Most people are happy to check this app. It is unbelievable that this app provides everything in a very detailed manner. They provided each and every information that any person could demand. There is nothing left that was unanswered. Their guide covers every question that you could have in your mind or it’s related to these questions. The remaining information they kept in Frequently Asked Questioned. Starting from the order process, then move toward its information, then the next step was the installation process, even about the devices, then they move toward the troubleshooting.

After these things, the one problem that generally most people may suffer was the jailbroken process. They provide the facility that you can contact to help center and talk to the real person who will guide you and will help you until your problem was not really fixed. One thing you should keep in your mind that most companies denied helping in a very detailed manner.


This app is very useful for everyone to keep your kids from bad things. It is better to stay aware than to be unnoticed and careless from your kids.


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