India is known for its progress in software and it may become a world leader in drone enhancement more through software than hardware. It is an indisputable fact that drones have emerged as the next big frontier of technology. And these devices are already being employed in various sectors.
In this article, we have handpicked the list of top 7 drone companies in India, which are constantly growing themselves in the Indian Market. The industrial drone companies usually build their own drones and procure platforms from the likes of DJI and they focus on providing drone services to the customers.

With the release of national draft drones policy, Drone companies in India have better clarity on what to expect on the regulations front as far as owning and operating a drone in the country is concerned.

Nowadays, the UAV system is witnessing potentially revolutionary innovations as drones are showing their efficiency in a variety of sectors, from agricultural operations, photography, filmmaking, and disaster management.

The market of Drone Companies in India

The demand for drone companies in India has been high among the police forces. Apart from the law enforcement agencies, the National Disaster Response Form has been using drones during national disasters to locating victims and trapped people. And now drones have found many new flavours in the field in Indian Railways and PSU’s like Gas Authority of India Limited as well. The Indian Railways and GAIL have started using drones for inspection of projects.

Although there are major restrictions on drone companies in India there has always been an immense opportunity for Drone companies in India. Given the vast, repository of electronic and software companies, it is not difficult for drones to become a major hub for manufacturing of drones.

Some of the most common applications of drones are geographical mapping, agricultural survey, disaster management, search and rescue, flood management, etc.

Below is the list of Drone Companies in India –

  • Edall Systems: Edall Systems is a Bangalore based company providing engineering, design, and manufacturing services, drone development, and unmanned aerial vehicle training programs for students and professionals. The company also builds parts for India’s National Aerospace Labs and Defense Research and Development Organization.  
  • ideaForge: ideaForge was founded by alumni of IIT Mumbai in 2007 and it is one of the pioneers of the micro-UAV industry in India. They have also created the world’s smallest and lightest autopilot at 10gms, along with the first indigenous micro UAV.  
    ideaForge broadly offers two products; the NETRA (VTOL) family of UAVs and SKYBOX (Fixed-Wing) family of UAVs. The UAV’s can stream live video and can capture high-resolution imagery for post-processing and analysis.
  • Skylark Drones: Skylark Drones provides enterprise drone solutions. Skylark Drones acquires the data to reduce your effort and presents in a way that you can utilize. Its main focus is on mining, infrastructure, industries for inspection, mapping, and monitoring. The drones use the power of cloud-based intelligence with system integrated UAVs for data that enhance the customer on assets.  
  • Asteria Aerospace: Asteria Aerospace has a fixed-wing (CYGNUS) and multi-rotor (A400) UAV platforms. The CYGNUS was designed for surveillance and security operations with the best in class endurance, range and payload capabilities. CYGNUS is ideal for military surveillance, industrial security and powerline/pipeline monitoring applications.
    Whereas, the A400 combines the range and endurance with advanced payload capabilities for security applications and inspection. The system provides real-time high-resolution aerial video for day and night operations with advanced features for monitoring and analysis. It is an ideal choice in a constrained environment.
  • Aero360 – Aero360 is based in Chennai in 2017 and it was founded by Pragadish Santhosh. Their drones provide high-resolution, services for infrastructure, energies and utility sector. The company also provides training in unmanned aerial systems for aerial photography, aerial mapping, aerial inspections, and other commercial applications.  

The above list of drone companies in India should help you to choose the right fit according to your requirements. No doubt, there are many challenges for the drone companies in India, regarding the policy or the permissions required from multiple government departments to run operations, but, the biggest challenge in formulating the policy will be on issues of safety and privacy. In a couple of years, the drone companies in India is expected to grow to a million-billion-dollar size.

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