The increasing use of smartphones and the internet among teens is causing a headache for the parents. They are worried about the online activities of their kids and teens. With internet in their access, the teens spend a considerable amount of time using the social media and dating sites. These platforms are attractive for the young children. But worries parents are the harms of these sites.

When it comes to the dangers of social media, there are many. Cyberbullying is one of these. The other includes predators, sex offenders, sexting and sharing too much information. But of all these, bullying is the most serious one. It has severe impacts on the children. For this reason, the parents want to protect their kids and teens from the cyberbullies. We are going to list some of the best apps that parents can use to protect their teens online.

BlurSPY App

This is the best Phone spy app for parents when it comes to dealing with cyberbullies. The app offers a good number of features that make it the best choice for parents. It is very affordable, has more features can protect your teens online from the social media dangers.

Apart from protecting kids from cyberbullies, the app also offers many other features that parents will need to ensure better control over the kids. Parents can use the sexting prevention feature, call tracking, GPS location tracker and many other features with this Android spying app. It is compatible with all android phones and devices.

Mobicip App

Here comes another parental control. With this app, the parents can protect their kids and teens from Cyber bullies as well as other dangers of the social media sites. If you are worried about the safety of your teens, this app can help you in this regard. It has all the best features.

The app is not only for protecting teens from cyberbullies, but it allows parents to keep eyes on their kids in many other ways. The features offered by this app are meant for perfect parental control. Parents will be able to track the locations, track calls, spy on text messages, and check phone history and other things on the devices and phones of their teens.

Near Parent App

NearParent is another amazing app for the parents who need to improve the online safety of their teens. The app is considered the best option for single parents too. It has many useful features. But when it comes to protecting teens from cyberbullies, this is the best option.

The features are very useful and can be used for tracking kids for other activities as well. The features like call tracking, spying on messages, social media monitoring and location tracking are the best one for all parents who are worried about the safety of their children.

Safe Eyes Mobile App

This is another parental control app for the parents. This app also helps when it comes to protecting teens from the cyberbullies and other online dangers of the internet and social media sites. For parents, this is the perfect choice in any spy app.

The app also provides parents with a number of other features. The users can view calls, messages, track locations and spy on the social media. Sexting can also be prevented with help of this. Parents should use this reliable tool to protect their kids.

Net Nanny App

This is the last pick in our list of the best apps to protect teens from cyberbullies. We were impressed with this app as it was useful when we tested it. It has some amazing feature that are helpful for parents to protect kids from cyberbullies.

When it comes to the other feature of the app, it offers call tracking, message tracking, location tracking, social media monitoring, hacking phones and other feature. These features are very useful for all the parents who want to have a better control over their kids and improve their safety.


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