Internet is filled with amazing content like videos, photos and music which can be downloaded on payment of certain fee or charges. A user may not able to download their favourite videos which are available on a particular website due to certain restrictions. In order to solve this problem, developers created video downloading applications which help its users to download unlimited videos in multiple formats for free. Users can download videos and save them directly on their smartphones using such applications. However, such apps are available in apk format likeĀ Vidmate apk.

Top 5 video downloading apps on the internet are as follows:


One of the best video and multimedia content download application, downloader allows its user to download their favourite videos which can run in background i.e. user can operate their device and perform other activities while downloads work in the background. The downloaded do not get interrupted which can be paused and resumed on command. Users can download unlimited videos with a single tap. Downloaded videos can be shared using the inbuilt file sharing feature. All such features are available free of cost and the users do not have to spend extra amount for availing future services.

Cloud video downloader:

The best feature of cloud video downloader is that the application allows its user to store the downloaded content on apps inbuilt storage system and shared on cloud based platform. Videos with multiple formats like MKV, MP4, AVI and WMV can be downloaded with a single click using the application. Users can even apply a password to separate files or to the entire application for safekeeping and prevention of unauthorized access.

Super video downloader:

The application has a simple and user friendly interface which can be easily understood a new user. Users can download videos and add subtitles using the inbuilt feature of the application. The application allows its user create customized playlist for different videos and multimedia content. A user can name a playlist according his/her preferences and can even move files from one playlist to another using drag and drop feature.

Video downloader pro:

Video downloader pro is another type of video downloading application which helps its user to download videos from multiple websites. Moreover, the application has its own inbuilt browser which has an added feature for hiding search and downloads history of the user. The application also has its own media player and file manager which makes it loaded with all the functionalities a video downloading app should possess.


One of the best video downloading applications on the internet with maximum number of downloads by users, vidmate application has following features:

  • Minimal interface which is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Small in size – 13 MB in size, it can be easily downloaded on any device even if it is low on space and ram.
  • No in-app purchases
  • Multi-language support such Hindi, English, Russian, etc.
  • Ability to pause downloads and resume it anytime according to need without any interruptions.
  • Automatic video playback option to check the quality of movie or music downloaded.

Users can search for apk files likeĀ Vidmate apk on their smartphones and start downloading their favourite video and other multimedia content.

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