A perfect complete SEO strategy is built on on-page Search Engine Optimization-SEO. To have a well-optimized website one must have an understanding of on-page SEO.  It is thrilling to be ranked first on Google; it can be a game changer when it comes to marketing. To be ranked first on Google search engine the right keywords must be used. Ensuring that the right keywords are used should be the first on page optimization checklist, because, only these will have your page gain top ranking on Google search engine.  Search engines like Google work to provide the best results each time a search is done and entered on the search bar. A page with high ranking means that it will attract more traffic. For such to happen then results brought about must be the best. The page has to be the best in terms of content, right keywords, length, informative, and many other factors included in the on-page optimization checklist.

When your webpage is ranked #1, it increases the chances of many people discovering your website and also your business, thus increasing leads. High traffic translates to more leads which mean that many people will be contacting your business. In business, more leads translate to more sales and that’s the truth that no one can dispute. Therefore working towards observing on page optimization checklistcan lead to more profits for your business. The hardest part is securing the #1 ranking in search engines such as Google. Yes, it requires observing some key elements keenly because neglecting one can affect the performance of your business.

3 key areas to focus on

The three factors to focus on while climbing to top #1 I search engines. These are the on-page optimization checklist, which must be observed. The first factor is the quality of content and the structure of your site. This is very vital in on page optimization. High-quality content features the right keywords, the correct keywords,  interesting information, very informative content, catchy headlines, the exposure and all visibility of your content.  On offline page search engine optimization, the number of articles, relevance and also the quantity of the backlinks which point to your domain should be considered.

To have best rankings ensure you have done the following

You have researched all your keywords for all your major pages,  include alt-tags for all your images,  your site is fast to load,  if you don’t do thorough research on your keywords, then it is for sure that you will get lower rankings due to use of wrong keywords. On the page, optimization checklist states that you must use the right keywords for your page to rank high. Before optimizing websites, on page optimization is the first thing to think about.

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