In just a few years, video has become the most consumed type of content on the internet. Be aware, as of 2020, it will account for nearly 85% of global internet traffic. You have understood, it is no longer possible to miss when you want to communicate about his activity. But even more, because the competition is tough, you have to be hard-hitting and distill your message with great mastery.

Yet, making a business video that meets the set objectives is much more complex than one might imagine. One often hears that the mere fact of offering a video advertising will explode sales. Unfortunately, in real life, it does not exactly happen that way.

How to make a success of your company video

Today, many are engaged in the creation of video content to sell their products or services. You yourself may have already tried the experiment. Still, your sales do not move. The reasons are many: You have poorly defined your objectives, your prospects were not recognized in your message, and your video was too long or did not tell any story. In short, there are a multitude of reasons that explain this failure.

We are not going to tell you anything, the choice of your audiovisual production agency remains essential to make your corporate video a success. Together, you need to work on these key steps to ensure you create content that will be seen, appreciated, and transform your sales.

The main steps in producing a good corporate video are:

1 – Definition of needs

Without a doubt the most important and longest step of the process. This is where you define the ins and outs of your message.

  • For that, your video must answer a simple rule:
  • What: What should the video talk about?
  • Who: To whom should I go to reach the right people?
  • Where: Where should the action take place?
  • When: When should my video happen?
  • How: In what way?
  • How much: What is my budget? What are my resources?
  • Why: What is the purpose of my corporate video?

Doing it this way will allow you to be effective from the get-go and to define the video issue and its usefulness. Is it intended to communicate internally? Promote your products and services to your prospects? Or improve your brand or employer brand?Once these first questions are resolved, you must clarify with your audiovisual provider:

Your expectations:

Which message, primary and secondary, you want to convey to your audience, but also, on what tone? You want to highlight your product and its benefits (primary message), but also show that you are a young, dynamic and innovative video production company in Dubai. The whole thing is how. You are given a thousand words: You have to tell a story.

Your imperatives:

What messages or visual elements must appear absolutely in the video? Does your product have a unique characteristic of its own? You must play on it. You are the person who knows your product best. If for you it may seem obvious, it is not always for the production company with whom you work.

You’re banned:

 A part of the premises that you do not want to reveal some messages that you prefer to avoid for fear of offending your customers or you want only your brand to appear in the video. Giving this kind of information right from the start can save you a lot of time.

It is also during this stage that you define with your audiovisual production agency various points such as: The modes of exploitation of the film, which are the people and places envisaged, the type of music etc.

So many questions that it is essential to ask oneself before imagining embarking on the creation of an advertising video or a video presentation. The clearer and more specific your goals are, the more effective your message will be. Nothing more complicated for an audiovisual production agency than to have carte blanche because you will never be certain that your ideas come together.

 2 – Reflection on the creative tracks

Once all the needs have been defined with the audiovisual production team, you can get started on the creative tracks together. Give yourself and your provider time to imagine your new corporate video. Today, your customers want to dream. They no longer accept easy content and classic ads that sell them a product or promotion.

To stand out, you must bring a touch of creativity and storytelling. What your customers want to hear is your message, what you bring, not the technical features of your new product.

Remember the 2000s and our MP3 players. The message that we found on the various advertisements boasted the storage capacity. Who could really say how much music can you store with 1 GB? Nobody. And now remember the arrival of Steve Jobs with the iPod in 2001, it was sold with the following message “1.000 songs in your pocket”. It is much better to visualize the interest of buying such a product, right? We really know what we buy. All this requires a lot of thought, do not neglect it. In line with the budget made available to your agency, this allows it to lead to the writing of a feasible scenario and related to your initial objectives.

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