Concept Dot-to-Dot Watch.

Posted on 13 October 2011 by Endi

The Dot-to-Dot watch tells time exactly the way you’d think from its name – by drawing lines between dots on its display. Dot-to-Dot would feature four small, segmented display sections, each of which initially display a series of dots on their faces. In addition to the cool black-on-white display, the concept calls for a white-on-black variant, as well as a variety of modern watch bands to go with. While the design is still just a concept, but  someday, you could actually be telling time with a connect-the-dot puzzle on your wrist. Technology news Concept Dot-to-Dot Watch

Designer Peter in England  and a guy in Germany named Sam Jerichow. Technology news Concept Dot-to-Dot WatchTechnology news Concept Dot-to-Dot Watch

Technology news Concept Dot-to-Dot Watch

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