It is almost a year since the ELD or the electronic logging device Mandate deadline has been passed. Several carriers that were able to take the benefit of the grandfather clause chose to use the automatic onboard recording devices or the AOBRDs and the transition to the ELDs at the second deadline- in the year 2019, 16th December. It is very important to know what to do in the next year.

If you are a carrier and you require needing the transition in the next year, consider all ELD mandate training and planning that is required to take place before meeting up the deadline. Here are some of the steps to plan to get on the road to meet up with the compliance.

Get familiar with the new functions of the ELD device

ELDs are very much similar with the electronic logging device that the industry is using so far. Most of the ELD mandate requirements are concerned with how the device will perform and the system will collect, store the data and also report the log data. The ELDs track the additional fleets, truck and the driver information for creating the visibility. The carriers are expected to offer the additional details about the fleet, driver and the truck too.

Help to understand the operational implications

While implementing the ELDs, it is very important to research the ELD requirements that can affect the fleet operations. The type of changes for preparation includes the automatic duty statuses, rules and the requirements, driver and the vehicle set up, the carrier and driver log edits, using the personal conveyance and yard move, etc.

Finding the right solution

There are various types of ELD devices available in the market offered by the providers. It is very important to find the solution that fits your business and how the drivers and the company will operate. When you are researching for the best type of ELD mandate device, check that the provider is reliable or not. Various companies are offering the Elog devices for the fleet managers. This device helps to keep tracking of the HOS of the drivers during the shipment hours.

Train the drivers and the support staff

Once the software is installed, you should provide the drivers with the right training on how the device will work. Every driver should know the function of the ELD device regarding how to log in, log edits, record the duty status changes, access RODS data from the ELD, review and understand the ELD printout, add notes to record and explain the edit. The best part of using the ELD device is of the paperless login for the drivers.

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